TEACHING TEENS TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD is a four hour seminar/workshop designed to help youth leaders teach their young people how to hear the voice of God.



If our aim in youth ministry is to see young people develop their own personal relationship with Jesus, is there anything more important for us as youth leaders to teach than to help them hear His voice? Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice, that He would know them personally, and that they would follow Him (John 10:27). Sadly we have a tendency to help young people know about Him and follow His rules, missing the relational dimension so essential to becoming a lifelong follower.

“Teaching Teens to Hear the Voice of God” will show you how to redress any imbalance in your ministry making Jesus—and not just His rules, central to discipleship. It consists of five sessions each of about 1 hour, although this can vary given the nature of the content and the desire to give God space to speak and lead. The first two sessions establish some foundational points of theory and practice and are followed by three workshops in which participants have the opportunity to apply what they are learning.

The style throughout is interactive and practical with space allowed for discussion, personal reflection and application. Participants will receive helpful insights along with practical tools and exercises that will help them teach their teens to hear the voice of God.

While the seminar is primarily aimed at youth leaders, equipping them to implement the content learned, older teens may also benefit from attending.



The cost of the seminar is $25 per person with a minimum of 12 people required. Travel and accommodation where necessary will be extra and can be negotiated at the time of booking. Included in the cost is a workbook with written notes and space for participants to record their thoughts and observations.



  • The God Who Speaks: Session 1 provides a Biblical foundation for hearing God’s voice establishing the fact that He speaks to us and examining guidelines for avoiding mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • Workshop 1: In the Beginning Was the Word…: Session 2 explores the idea that God speaks to us through Scripture revealing Himself to us and offering comfort and conviction by His Holy Spirit.
  • Workshop 2: Hearing God in Life: Session 3 is looks at other ways through which God communicates with us such as through creation, circumstance and directly with our spirit.
  • Workshop 3: Prayer Ministry: Session 4 develops strategies for helping young people to learn to minister to one another through prayer sharing Scripture and insights with each other.


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