STARTING OR STUCK is a four hour training/consultation for churches looking to establish a youth ministry or boost a struggling ministry.



How do you start a youth ministry in a church that has none? Or how do you boost a youth ministry that is small, struggling and stuck?

The underlying premise is the same and consists of four principles:

1.  Christ is the Head of the Church. It’s not our role to lead but to follow His lead.
2.  Christ is growing His Church. He is already at work in the heart of those He wants involved in youth ministry.
3.  Christ leaves evidence of His leadership. Our role is to discern this evidence and get on board with what He is doing.
4.  As we follow His lead we see evidence of His blessing and give Him the glory

Starting or Stuck is a four hour seminar/consultation in which we cover ten major points in helping you discern God’s leading. Through it you will discern God’s leadership and will develop clear strategies based on the evidence of what He is already doing.



The cost of the seminar is $300. Travel and accommodation where necessary will be extra and can be negotiated at the time of booking. Included in the cost is a workbook with written notes and space for participants to record their thoughts and observations.

To make further enquiries or register your interest in this course through our online form. Include course name in the subject line