INDWELLING DISCIPLESHIP is a four hour seminar/workshop designed to help youth leaders teach their young people understand a more Biblical way of viewing discipleship.



There are three common approaches to discipleship:

  • Biblical Discipleship which sets out to equip young people with an in depth understanding of scripture.  It focuses on theology, scripture memory, and an understanding of the Biblical teaching on the many life dilemmas and questions young people face.
  • Relational Discipleship, in which faith is modelled to the young people and “caught” by them.  This is commonly done through mentoring and small group care and accountability.
  • Missional Discipleship, which seeks to involve young people in Christian service as a means of growing and strengthening their faith.  Features are an emphasis on spiritual gifts and involvement in evangelism and mission.

All three are important but there is a fourth which underpin them without which they are of doubtful long term value. Indwelling Discipleship emphasises the presence of the indwelling Christ and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.  Young people are given an awareness of Christ’s presence within and learn to commune with Him and discern his leading. Under this approach it is Christ through the Holy Spirit who does the discipling. Our role as leaders is to help young people discern His direction and follow Him. Thus we make disciples who truly do see their faith as a relationship and not a religion based of rules.

The style throughout is interactive and practical with space allowed for discussion, personal reflection and application. While the seminar is primarily aimed at youth leaders, equipping them to implement the content learned, older teens may also benefit from attending.



The cost of the seminar is $25 per person with a minimum of 12 people required. Travel and accommodation where necessary will be extra and can be negotiated at the time of booking. Included in the cost is a workbook with written notes and space for participants to record their thoughts and observations.



  • Discipleship Dilemmas and Dangers: Session 1 explores the problems associated with various approaches to discipleship.
  • Biblical and Relevant: Session 2 examines the Biblical basis for Indwelling Discipleship and explains why it is particularly relevant and effective for young people today.
  • The Practice of Indwelling Discipleship: The final two sessions look at the practical implications of the indwelling approach to discipleship and include discipling new believers, teaching Scripture, pastoral care, worship and building community.


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