The INTERNSHIP SUPPORT SCHEME helps you develop and run your own effective Internship Programme by providing you with documentation, templates and personal support.



Many churches take on youth interns as part of their ministry to young people. It is a potentially good move for both the intern and the ministry itself, although stories constantly emerge of internships gone wrong or internships that don’t give the maximum return for all parties.

The most common problems are:

  • A lack of training in youth ministry essentials in the academic programme the intern is enrolled in—if indeed they are enrolled in any course of study at all.
  • Little specific and constructive feedback for the intern which helps them to measure their progress and develop specific goals to work towards.
  • A lack of thorough supervision through which the intern is given on the job training as well as direction and support in their personal development and growth.


For this reason we have launched an Internship Support Scheme, not to replace the internships churches are already running but to work alongside them, making good internship programmes better. For churches participating in the scheme, YouthTRAIN offers assistance and resources as follows:

  • Appointment: We can assist you in developing criteria for suitable applicants and their job description. We can help you find suitable interns and assist in the interview process if you wish.
  • Appraisal: We offer templates for appraisal according to three criteria: understanding (to know), skills (to do) and character (to be). This process of appraisal allows interns to measure their progress and set future goals that will equip them for effective youth ministry.
  • Added assistance: In addition to training materials offered through Pathways, we send interns weekly emails complete with news, training tips and links to resources and youth ministry articles. We also facilitate and encourage ongoing contact and dialogue with other youth interns.
  • Availability: We are available on call to churches and interns anytime they have issues related to the internship which they wish to discuss.


For more detailed course information and registration details, click on the links below:

  • Download a copy of the Internship Support Scheme booklet.
  • View a copy of the  Internship Support Scheme booklet online.
  • Download a copy of an Application Form (Note: Not yet available)
  • Make further enquiries or register your interest in this course through our online form. Include “Internship Support Scheme” in the subject line