SOLID  is a five part discipleship programme for young people which helps them build their own relationship with God.


At the heart of Christianity is the word: relationship. God reached down to us in the person of Jesus Christ and removed the barrier of sin that stood between us. He restored us to a right relationship with Himself, and brought us into His family, just as He had always intended. When it comes to developing this relationship many of us pick of bits and pieces of information along the way without actually make this a primary focus.

SOLID is a discipleship programming consisting of five sessions (see below) which makes developing a relationship with God the primary focus. It comes with a leader’s guide, participant’s booklets for each session, and a 20 verse scripture memory programme.

Because of it’s relational emphasis it should not be seen as simply a resource to work through and then expect the desired result. A good deal of it’s effectiveness comes through the leader’s only sensitivity to the Spirit and their ability to create a setting where young people are inspired to implement the content into their lives.

Session One: The New Birth: Entering into the Kingdom of God
This first session explains the meaning of the term “the kingdom of God” – a spiritual realm that exist beyond our five senses that we enter into when we receive Christ. Having the King of this Kingdom living in us by the Holy Spirit makes us a new person: we are “born again”. This is not just a theological truth but a real dynamic reality. Living with an awareness of this fact is the first step in developing a lifelong relationship with God.

Session Two: Bible Study: How to Study the Bible for All It’s Worth
This session explains the purpose of the Bible and the need to not just to read it but apply what it says. Young people learn a practical process for studying a Bible passage, drawing out general insights and discovering specific things God is saying to them.

Session Three: Prayer: How to Pray Without Running Out of Things to Say
This session explains the purpose of prayer which is not to get what we want but to develop a relationship of dependence and intimacy with God. It gives practical pointers on prayer along with suggestions on how to include various types of prayer into our daily lives.

Session Four: Listening to God: Learning to hear the Voice of God
This session explains that God is not a silent spectator in our lives. he wants us to be in relationship with Him and so we can expect Him to speak to us in a variety of ways. Guidelines for hearing Him and testing what we believe we hear are given.

Session Five: Walking: Learning to Walk With God
This final session looks back on the previous sessions and adds some more practices that will help young people walk closer to God such as cultivating an awareness of His presence, guarding their mind, obedience, and sharing with others.

“SOLID has enabled me to find ways that I can worship God. I have been able to learn how to study the bible, how to pray, and how to find Gods beauty in all the things around me. I strongly recommend it to anyone willing to develop their faith for God.”– Jason (aged 17)

“One of the major things I have learned from SOLID is how to study the Bible. It can often seem like a daunting and overwhelming task to pick it up and read it, but I’ve learned that God can speak to me through small parts at a time…And if I can get so much out of just a few verses, how much can a whole Bible impact me?!” – Nadia (aged 17)
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