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Youth Ministry Network Resources Bible Study CD-ROM

One CD-ROM containing over 170 Bible studies and other resources designed for use with young people. The Bible studies require little preparation and can be easily adapted by the leader wishing to write their own studies. A FREE Samples Package including a full catalogue of resources is available for download.


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Product Description

YMN Bible Studies and Discussions are resources designed for use with young people in small groups, and deal with issues of interest to them in a non-threatening, conversational manner that gets them talking! The topics of the YMN Bible Studies and Discussions are designed in such a way to form a collection “mini-series.” Built into the cost of the YMN Bible Studies and Discussions is the right to photocopy in full as many copies as you wish!

As well as being interesting and challenging to “church kids”, YMN Bible Studies and Discussions are also designed with the needs of the unchurched in mind. We need to help young people see that Bible study is not an intellectual exercise, but something that challenges us to change. Therefore each resource concludes with questions that help your group members respond personally to the implications of what has just been discussed as well as helping them see ways in which they might put what they have learnt into practice.


- 40 Bible studies for pre-teens
- 70 Bible studies for teenagers
- 12 Bible Studies for young adults
- 20 Bible studies for youth leaders
- 30 part theology course for young people
- 5 devotional booklets
- 2 simulation games

Download a FREE Samples Package which includes full catalogue of resources.