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Theology Unplugged (Sample)

This is a free .pdf digital download of module 1 session 1, God the Son, from our resource Theology Unplugged which is the first in a series of thirty session for young people wanting to explore what they believe and why it's important. It contains participant's notes and a leader's guide.


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Product Description

This first session from the Module “The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ” looks at “God the Son.  It covers the following topics.

I.  The Person of God the Son

  • The Deity of Christ
  •  The Humanity of Christ
  • The Significance of the Deity and Humanity of Christ

II.       The Progressive Revelation of God the Son

  • The Revelation of the Son in the Past
  • The Revelation of the Son in the Present and Future


It includes

  • Questions for discussion: These are designed to create interest in the topic and to get participants thinking before moving on to a related teaching component.
  • Bible study: A series of Bible verses and accompanying questions are provided as the teaching core of the session. In a group setting the leader can either look these up and their content in “lecture style”, or have participants look them up and discuss their answers together.
  • Sections to read: These expand on what participants discover through the Bible study passages and questions. Again, the leader can either use these sections to supplement their own teaching, or can suggest that participants to read through these together.
  • Questions for personal reflection: These are designed to encourage participants to reflect on the personal implications of what they have been learning
    A Revision Quiz: Designed to test and reinforce what has been learned.
  • Further points for reflection: This content gives participants more content to reflect on in their own time.