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The Heart of Parent-Teen

The Heart of the Parent Teen Series is a resource that can not only strengthen families within your church but could be used as an effective evangelistic tool into your community. It is a resource that provides insight and support for parents of teenager and acts as a catalyst to improve parent-teen communication. Used as a small group resource, the series enables parents within the church to share their faith in a natural non-threatening way while discussing the challenges of family life. It is simple to use and doesn't require a facilitator who has expertise in parenting teenagers.


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The Heart of the Parent Teen series is a twelve part discussion series which is flexible, practical, evangelistic, simple and attractive and non-threatening. It is made up of Four Modules entitled: Foundations, Understanding Your Teenager, Communication and Discipline. It can be used a number of ways:
- As a resource for teaching and discussion with groups of parents. Each session can be run as a stand-alone discussion, or the whole series can be held over successive weeks or months. It can also be run over a whole year in quarterly blocks by utilising a format of four separate modules each consisting of three sessions.
- As teaching series for parents of teenagers.
- A resource for the youth leader to read and enhance their own knowledge or parenting issues.

A FREE sample package containing the leader’s Notes, session one, and a publicity brochure all in .pdf format can be downloaded from our store.


Module One: Foundations
- Session One: Reflections on the Family – Foundational principles for a parent, or parents, to establish and work on in their family
- Session Two: Portrait of a Healthy Family – Discover and discuss six key indicators for health, and identify which areas need attention.
- Session Three: The Dynamics of Teenage Life – Understand the developmental tasks, needs, and pressures facing teenagers.

Module Two: Understanding Your Teenager
- Session Four: Adolescent Development – Explore and discuss the stages of personal development that your teenager is going through.
Session Five: Adolescent Behaviour – Discover the factors that influence behaviour, along with strategies for handling them.
Session Six: Adolescent Culture – Identify the cultural factors influencing young people and discuss strategies for dealing with them.

Module Three: Communication
Session Seven: Learning to Listen – Learn the skills of active listening and recognise the signals young people give when they want to talk.
Session Eight: Communicating Love – Learn about “love languages” and discover practical ways to show love.
Session Nine: Barriers to Communication – Discuss the obstacles that exist in society that limit communication, and look at ways to overcome them.

Module Four: Discipline
Session Ten: Principles of Discipline – Learn the underlying principles of discipline we must keep to in shaping our teenager’s life.
Session Eleven: Issues of Discipline – Discover how to discipline your teenager in a way that doesn’t create frustration and resentment.
Session Twelve: Dealing With Conflict – Learn how to resolve parent teen conflict in a way that is both healthy and productive.