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Safe Places

An excellent resource written by Dave Toscano, Baptist Youth Ministries Queensland Consultant, and marketed in New Zealand by YouthTRAIN. It includes information to assist the local church in providing a safe environment in which children and young people can grown and develop in. It also gives guidelines to ensure that, if harm occurs, it is dealt with appropriately.


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Through over 80 pages this resources contains a mixture of practical advice, questions for discussion, and forms to use. Chapter headings are:
1. Biblical basis for care (FREE sample containing chapters 1-3)
2. Duty of care and other definitions
3. Church in the community
4. The development of children and adolescents
5. Responsibilities
6. Supervision numbers
7. Programming
8. Workplace health and safety
9. Accidents and Incidents
10. Recruitment of paid and volunteer leaders
11. Indicators of possible harm
12. Responding to suspicions or allegations of harm
13. Ongoing Care