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Prepare! Bible Studies

A three part three part discussion series/Bible study aimed at young people making the transition to living away from home. A free sample is available for download.


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The three sessions are as follows:

1.  Taking Charge:  Explore an approach to the many choices they are confronted with and will confront as they finish high school and move on to tertiary education or perhaps into the workforce.

2.  Finding Support: The importance of quickly developing good support networks when young people move to their new home.

3.  Strengthening Commitment: Explore some of the challenges that test young peoples’ convictions and faith and develop strategies that will strengthen their commitment.

The studies can be carried out in a group or one to one setting—or even by someone working alone. They are presented in a smorgasbord style—there are more questions that you will likely need in one session (although you could spread this study over two sessions). There is a mix of learning activities, points for discussion, Bible passages to study and help in developing specific action steps.

A free sample of session one is available for download.