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P4 Booklet 3: Effective Youth Ministry

This 60 page booklet is the third in a series of four booklets and focusses on the personal growth of the youth leader. It gives them an understanding what who a leader must be and what they must do.

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Product Description

The booklet forms part of the P4 Training Program. It is designed to supplement what is taught in aP4 Seminar but is also a helpful stand alone resource for youth leaders to read and reflect on.

It is divided into five sections covering the key themes of this module:
1. Youth Culture (FREE sample)
2. Foundations of Youth Ministry
3. Programming Elements
4. Leadership Structure
5. Setting Direction

For each section the booklet includes:
- Simple straightforward teaching on five key learning points
- Personal experiences of the author that illustrate the points within a youth ministry context
- Relevant Bible passages and quotes
- Checklists
- Questions for personal reflection or group discussion

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