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LIFE: The Missing Dimension in Discipleship

A challenging yet easy to read devotional book that introduces the concept that discipleship is about seeing the Life of Christ produced in us and the young people whom we lead. The book examines the use of the word "life" (Gr. zoe) throughout Scripture and draws conclusions that have significant implications for the way we approach ministry and our own Christian growth.

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In a nutshell the thesis of this book is that God disciples us through His “Life” within us and our role in discipling others is to co-operate with what God is already doing in their life. This includes helping them to discern His voice and His leading within the constraints of Biblical teaching. Throughout the book this approach to discipleship is contrasted with another approach that seeks to simply fill people’s minds with rules to follow – rules devoid of relationship with God.

The concept is developed by working through Scripture beginning in the Garden of Eden where we have these two trees – the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of Life. From there this book surveys the Old Testament and moves on into the New where see Jesus crucified on a “tree of life”. Finally it finishes in Revelation where we see the Tree of Life appear once more. Throughout this journey the book clearly lays out the dichotomy that exists between these two approaches to discipleship and living the Christian Life: knowledge without relationship and Knowledge in the context of Life.

Through Life: the Missing Dimension in Discipleship you will:
- Gain an overview of the whole of Scripture and how it all fits together: from Genesis all the way through to Revelation.
- Receive a basic course in practical theology helping you to understand key Christian truths
- Understand the centrality of Christ and His cross – a “Tree of Life” – to the whole panorama of Scripture.
- Learn basic principles of living the Christian life according to the Life God has already placed within you.

Its thought provoking content and the fact that most chapters are only 2 pages long, make it an ideal daily devotional book.

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