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Leadership Training CD-ROM

One CD ROM consisting of the eight youth ministry workbooks along with 80 simple printable training studies for you to use to teach your volunteer leaders the workbook content.


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 Product Description

The CD ROM Electronic Edition contains the full text of  eight of our training workbooks: Principles of Christian Leadership, Management and Ministry, Youth Ministry Design, Youth Ministry Programming, Adolescence, Pastoral Care of Adolescents, Youth Culture, Communication, plus eighty bonus discussion guides for using with youth ministry teams. These discussion guides enable the youth leader to teach, train and facilitate discussion with their leadership team. Content of these training studies mirrors that of the workbooks but is written with the needs of the volunteer youth leader in mind.

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Purchase includes permission to print multiple copies of the eight manuals and eighty discussion studies for use within the purchaser’s local church/organisation only. They may not be copied and distributed to other churches.