YouthTRAIN is a New Zealand based organisation which is committed to training, resourcing and supporting youth workers as they serve their young people.





Director: Murray Brown

Murray was appointed youth pastor at Palmerston North Central Baptist Church in 1985 and served there until 1995. Overseeing a large team of volunteer youth workers caused a passion to develop in him for training and supporting youth leaders. In 1995 he was appointed as the National Leadership Training and Development Co-ordinator for NZ Baptist Youth Ministries, and given the responsibility of training youth workers throughout the country. When BYM established the YouthTRAIN Trust in December 1998 Murray was appointed its first Director. He teaches youth ministry widely, from volunteers through to degree level studies, speaking regularly in both New Zealand and Australia. He stays current with youth ministry trends by serving part time as youth pastor in his local church and is a consultant for churches in his region.




Training, support and resources must be practical and offered in such a way that they are easily implemented. Training utilises a variety of learning styles. Training emphasises application. The purpose of information is implementation.


We are interested in youth workers as whole people. Our role is to do more than pass on information. It is to participate in the process of formation. We offer personal development opportunities. We emphasise the value of supervision. Not just training people to do youth leadership but training people to be youth leaders.


To model a healthy professional attitude to youth work. We present training and resources in a professional manner. We relate to people in a manner that is appropriate and professional. To strive for excellence in preparation and presentation.




Effective training: Utilises a variety of learning styles. Emphasises application. Requires adequate preparation and includes quality handouts

Effective resources are: Relevant to youth work. Easy to adapt and use. Reflective of widely researched accepted youth work practice. Biblical content is accurate in accordance with broadly based accepted evangelical theology.

Effective support: Is, where appropriate, provided in consultation with the youth worker’s local community. Maintains confidentiality. Is holistic, concerning itself with both professional and personal issues faced by the youth worker.