Indwelling Discipleship 3.

  In Part 1 I focussed on the theological basis of an approach to discipleship which I called Indwelling Discipleship.  In Part 2 I looked at some of the practical implications for the way we do discipleship under an Indwelling Model.  In this final part I’d like to examine programming and how it needs to [...]

Indwelling Discipleship 2.

  In Part 1 I focussed on the theological basis of an approach to discipleship which I called Indwelling Discipleship.  I contended that this was the fundamental approach to discipleship in the early church and it needs to be so in our youth ministries today, not replacing, but underpinning the more common approaches I called [...]

Indwelling Discipleship 1.

  There is a lot being written today about emerging patterns of church and youth ministry. Much of it is insightful and helpful as we seek to discover ways of being effective in mission to youth. However sociology is only one aspect of a youth ministry philosophy (see “Philosophy of Youth Ministry” YouthTRAIN 2004). In [...]

Revolving Doors: Attracting and Holding Young People

  Holding on to young people who come to our youth ministries takes three things: good leaders, good programmes and good strategies. We often focus on the first two and neglect the third. Below are listed twenty one strategies you can use to attract and hold young people in your youth ministries.   STAGE I: [...]

Seven Essentials of an Effective Youth Ministry Internship

  Having once been an intern myself and, over the past 20 years of youth ministry training, been in contact with countless youth interns and youth pastors with interns, I would like to offer some thoughts on what I believe makes an effective youth internship. I’m currently working on a template for YouthTRAIN sponsored internships [...]

The Leadership Obsession: Part 2

  Rethinking Failure In Part One I expressed a conviction that we are in serious danger of losing balance in our approach to leadership within the church. In this second part I’d like to explore a point touched on as a requirement for effective leadership, namely that of failure.   Success and Motivation I recall [...]

The Leadership Obsession: Part 1

  Have We Lost Balance? There is much that is being written and talked about in ministry circles about “leadership”. More than ever we are seeing books written and devoured that teach us how to lead and deal with issues such as establishing vision and purpose, managing staff and instituting change. Much of it borrows [...]

Allowing God to Lead Through You: 8. My Reliance

  Perhaps the most profound words Jesus ever uttered in relation to the issue of allowing God to lead through us can be found in John 15:5 where He said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me [...]

Allowing God to Lead Through You: 7. My Teaching

  In the previous section we saw that we do not actually disciple anyone. God is the Discipler and can work through us if we allow Him. In a similar way we do not actually teach anyone in youth group. God is the Teacher and He teaches by His Holy Spirit (John 14:26) who lives [...]

Allowing God to Lead Through You: 6. My Discipling

  At the conclusion of Matthew’s gospel, just before He ascended into heaven, Jesus gave His followers one last charge: “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given [...]