Tips for Training Any effective programme will be first and foremost about Jesus. Weekly meetings should include appropriate worship and a time during which Christ and His gospel message is clearly presented. We don’t want young people coming to our programmes and then going away with no clue as to what it was really all about. Therefore, regardless of the topic you have been discussing, end every youth programme with a brief message that was all about Jesus and what He has done for us. Through doing this young people will be regularly challenged to reflect on His life, death and resurrection. Having practised this for many years I’m sure this intentional effort to make Christ pre-eminent was a significant factor in the growth in numbers we experienced, and the fruit we saw in individual lives in our youth ministry.

Even if the programme is “social” you should acknowledge Christ’s importance in some way. It may be a prayer at the beginning and end of an event, or before eating food. Alternatively it may be through a brief devotional message or testimony as part of the event. Christ can also be pre-eminent though leaders who look for opportunities to model their faith and perhaps find opportunity to talk about it.

What a compliment it would be to be known as the youth group that always talks about Jesus!